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After working over 10 years as an art director at the Walt Disney Studios, I became a stay-at-home mom. My experience as a first-time mom inspired me to publish a book called "Quick Tips For First-Time Moms: A Simple and Practical Guide to Finding Balance". I love using my creativity to solve problems. From organization to recycling, parenting to party planning, I continue to find new interests and inspirations through spending time with my child.

Teaching a Toddler to Save Money

My son is about to turn 4 and by now he knows all about getting presents at birthday parties. I can’t help the uneasiness that came over me thinking about all the toys he has collected over the past few … Continue reading

Lacinato KaleKale Salad: Delicious in 5-Minutes

This is the simplest, most delicious kale salad I’ve ever made. Even my husband who is not much of a leafy green type of guy loves this salad. This recipe takes very little time and effort to make, we had … Continue reading

Family MovingHow to Prepare Your Child For A Move

Imagine leaving the only place you’ve ever lived. As it is, your child’s days are full of surprises and new experiences. When it comes to moving to a new place to live, it takes a lot of early preparation to … Continue reading

Beautiful Messy Hands10 Tips for Less Frustration and Mess-Free Fun

“Stop, take a deep breath, and think” That’s the lesson from an episode of Blue’s Clues on dealing with frustration. It’s taken me some time to figure out how to not get frustrated with my toddler (or myself) over the … Continue reading

Vomit Preparedness KitHow To Clean Up Vomit Fast and Minimize Odor: The Vomit Preparedness Kit

This may be the grossest topic I’ve ever written about, but a must read if you have a child since it’s inevitable you will have to clean up their vomit a few times before they even get to their 3rd … Continue reading

MoneyReuse and Save $150!

Be organized. Be creative. Be good to our environment. Here are 10 simple money saving ideas worth trying ($150 worth) 1. Pantry Organizer: $3-18 vs. Empty Salad Mix Container: Free It’s never easy to keep the pantry organized with empty … Continue reading

Child Eating PeasFeeding my picky eating toddler

There was a time when my son was eating peas and avocado and asked for more. That time has long gone. Somehow around 2 he turned against the color green and would not touch any vegetable…or meat, or eggs, or … Continue reading

Green SaladAsian Beef or Chicken Salad are both Delicious and Healthy

I am not much of a cook, but this is a really simple way to make a great salad that covers all the food groups. It’s a very loose recipe because you can use whatever you have in the fridge … Continue reading

Child Holiday Melt-downHow To Handle A Holiday Party Melt-down

You’re stressed out over finding the perfect gifts for your children or the holiday dinner that you haven’t begun to plan and the last thing you want is a melt-down while you’re trying to cross something off your list, or … Continue reading