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Once upon a time I taught second grade and preschool. Now I have three little princesses and spend a lot of time singing Disney songs, painting fingernails, moderating dramatic tantrums, reading Pinkalicious, having spontaneous dance parties and fixing lots of little girl hair. I teach piano lessons, love a good book and sitting with my husband at night watching t.v. My passion is the beach and I would like to be living my passion much more frequently.

Happy “Imperfect” Mother’s Day!

I have noticed a strange phenomenon as Mother’s Day rolls around.  On a day that we are to celebrate and honor all that motherhood is, I hear so many mothers saying that they detest Mother’s day.  The arrival of the … Continue reading

Daughters, Sisters, & FriendsFor My Daughters

I have been blessed with three little girls.  So basically my home is filled with lots of pink, drama and Barbies.  When I was pregnant with my third and found out the gender I was worried that my husband would … Continue reading

A Labor of LoveMommy Myths: Here’s the Real Story

I remember those carefree days before I had children.  The days where I would look at other mothers, silently judging them in my head, saying to myself, “When I am a mother I will NEVER let my child eat a … Continue reading