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I am a stay at home mom to 2 teenagers. I have a 20 year old daughter and a 17 year old son, and a husband who is just a big kid at heart. I teach piano lessons from my home. I am going back to college and sometimes wonder if I am crazy for doing this. I absolutely love anything and everything crafty. I especially love to stamp, crochet and sew.

How To Make A Baby Blanket

Does your little one have a favorite blanket?  My teenagers did and their favorite blankies are tucked away for them.  I have been sewing a lot of baby blankets lately for friends and family members that are having babies.  I … Continue reading

How To Make A Snowman Ornament From A Can Lid

I am always on the lookout for cute unbreakable Christmas ornaments.  I also love to craft. When I purchased a Pampered Chef smooth edge can opener I knew that this product was going to help me make some cute ornaments … Continue reading

How To Make A Pet Bed

My friend Marty was chatting with me on facebook awhile back, and she was very excited to let me know about a craft that she tried.  She stuffed an old duvet cover with used plastic shopping bags, tied it off … Continue reading

Pasta PuttanescaPasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca, try saying that 5 times fast! We like to eat vegetarian meals, especially during the summer months.  The vegetables are  in abundance during this time of year.   This is the best time to get your kids to try … Continue reading

Library IIReasons to Visit the Library

In my dream home, I have always imagined having a library.  I dream of a room filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves, big comfy chairs and even a fire place, a place where you can lose yourself in a book. … Continue reading

Kindle TouchKindleTouch: Review -To Kindle or Not to Kindle…That is the Question!

I love everything that a book has to offer.  I love the story and the places a book can take you.  I love the weight of a book in my hand.  I love the feel of the paper.  I even … Continue reading

Bright Rainbow CupcakesHow to Make Rainbow Cupcakes

I wanted to make some cupcakes for a little girl in our church, it was her birthday.  I did not know what her favorite cupcake was so I thought that I couldn’t go wrong with Rainbow Cupcakes. Boy, was I … Continue reading

Large Bubble on Handmade WandHow to Make a Bubble Wand and Homemade Bubbles

We had family in town last weekend and beautiful weather, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to make bubble wands and homemade bubbles.  I have not done this in years so I was looking forward to … Continue reading

Homemade BiscuitsBaking Powder Biscuits

Whenever family comes into town to visit they demand that my husband makes biscuits.  They are thick biscuits that have plenty of room for butter and my mom’s homemade jam! I have decided to share this recipe so that you … Continue reading

PancakesPancakes for Dinner!

We just celebrated National Pancake Day!  IHOP even gets in on the celebration and offers free pancakes all day long.  We love to eat pancakes at our house!  I knew that I wanted to make some, the question was for … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Bundt CakeAmazing Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake – Yum!

I don’t know about you, but I like to find occasions to celebrate.  My son was participating in his high school pops concert, and we like to have a little celebration after the concert.  I always seem to have the … Continue reading

Easy Homemade Pizza DoughEasy Homemade Pizza Dough

One of my son’s favorite foods is Pizza.  When he has his friends over this is what we like to make.  The kids like to make their own creations, it is filling (hard to achieve with teenagers who are bottomless … Continue reading

ElectronicsIs It Possible To Live Without Media?

The other day I was looking around at my family.  My son was playing a video game on the computer, my husband was watching Netflix on the TV, and I was upstairs doing something on my laptop.  We were spending … Continue reading

How to make a Plastic Bag Holder

I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of plastic shopping bags that I do not want to throw away.  I know that you are not supposed to put them in the recycling container because it jams up … Continue reading

Monster CookiesMonster Cookies (Can be Gluten Free)

I am with Cookie Monster, I LOVE cookies.  They are the best when they are still warm from the oven.  I especially love cookies with oats, peanut butter and M&M’s in them.  This is the time of year for baking … Continue reading

Heart Attack!How to Give a Friend a Heart Attack – A Paper One!

It is getting to be that time of year where we want to express our love to those who are near and dear to our hearts.  There are so many ways that we can show that love.  We can tell … Continue reading

Step 15 Rag QuiltHow to make a Soft and Comfy Rag Quilt

I love rag quilts!  They are so easy to make and when the seams fray they are so soft.  Once you feel one you will want one for your very own.  They make wonderful gifts for almost any occasion.  Right … Continue reading

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-boundNew Years Resolutions – are we keeping them or setting ourselves up for disappointment?

According to the dictionary, a resolution is the act of resolving or determining upon an action or a course of action.  This is the time of year that we reflect on ways that we can improve ourselves or our quality … Continue reading

Milk Chocolate ChipsGood for You Chocolate Chip Cookies! (with beans, shhh)

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking that there is no way that good for you and chocolate chip cookie belong in the same sentence!  Well let me tell you these cookies not only have some healthy ingredients … Continue reading

Salt DoughHow To Make Salt Dough

I needed to make some salt dough for a children’s class at church.  The recipe that was included in the lesson book was different than the one that I have been using for years.  I usually make salt dough rather … Continue reading

Child's Paper SnowflakeChristmas Traditions – Those we want to keep and others we don’t!

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, we all have some holiday traditions.  In our family, we have a few favorites and one, in particular, that keeps happening even though we would like it to stop. Involve the Kids in Decorating … Continue reading

Homemade Christmas OrnamentHomemade Christmas Ornaments

Some of my favorite memories are making homemade Christmas ornaments with my children. Here are a few ideas that you may want to use with your children.  Not to mention, homemade ornaments make wonderful gifts for grandparents, teachers and friends. … Continue reading

Paper Angel OrnamentHow to Make a Paper Angel Ornament

I love a Christmas tree that has a variety of ornaments.  My tree has all of the kids’ homemade ornaments from years past, and some new ones (because they were broken when our tree would come crashing to the ground).   … Continue reading

Christmas Flannel PJ'sSurprising Favorite Gifts – Not All About the $$$

For the last couple of years we seem to struggle with money during the Christmas season.  I know that some things we can change about this and some we have no control over.  I have two teenagers and as we … Continue reading