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Hi I'm Stace! I used to work in the employment division at a major airline and now I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home Mom with my two kids. Passions in my life include baking, cooking, reading, cycling and hanging out with my family whenever I can.

Christmas Party Appetizers And Drinks

The holidays are the perfect time to get together with friends and family…and it used to be that the thought of having the get together at my house scared me to death.  I’ve come up with a few easy ways to … Continue reading

Christmas PartyChristmas Party Food Menu Ideas

When planning food for a party I like to keep the menu simple with a main dish and one or two sides. When you started planning the party, did you come up with a theme?  Mexican food?  Italian food?  Did you … Continue reading

Gone GirlBook Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Over the summer I took a quick, unexpected trip by myself.  I was on an airplane for TWO uninterrupted, glorious hours on each flight.  This was my opportunity to immerse myself in a pull-you-in-don’t-want-to-put-it-down book.  So I did my research … Continue reading

Activities:For Any Age, Boy or Girl, Everyday On-The-Go

I have two very active kids.  It seems we’re always watching one activity or another, which is often times fun for the parents, but not always fun for the other siblings.  If I know there’s a soccer game or a … Continue reading

Helping MomMother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  The tradition in our house is to work on a project that I’ve really wanted to complete but no one else seems to be as excited about.  One year we repainted the guest … Continue reading

Cake Pops – A ‘Pictorial’

A cake pop goes by many names – cake pops, cake-on-a-stick, cake balls, tiny bites of heaven. Basically, a cake pop is cake mixed together with frosting, covered in candy coating, on a lollipop stick. Mmmmmm – there’s not a … Continue reading

Easter EggsEaster Egg Stuffing Alternatives-It Doesn’t Have To Be Candy

Is it me or does it seem like every celebration these days ends up with bags of candy the kids bring home?  We all know Halloween results in ALOT of candy.  In our house the rule is on Thanksgiving Day … Continue reading

Add Flair To Your Cupcakes – Color Stripes, Rose Patterns, and Filling

Next time you’re asked to bring cupcakes to an event, try these decorating tips to add a little flair to your dessert. Wouldn’t it be neat to frost the cupcake to look like a rose or with a little food … Continue reading

Antipasto Chicken Sandwich

I keep waiting for my husband to surprise me with a cleaning lady. It happened once in the long ago.  When I was pregnant with my daughter I was big and unwieldy and the last thing I wanted to do … Continue reading

Roasted Veggies SaladRoasted Vegetable Salad

There’s a cute little restaurant in Steamboat Springs, Colorado called ‘Sweet Peas’.  It’s an all-organic eatery that offers simple sandwiches and salads, all made with seasonal ingredients. When we visit Steamboat we always look forward to lunches at this restaurant … Continue reading

Salmon SpaghettiQuick and Easy Salmon Spaghetti

Last week my son decided I was no longer cool.  How can that be?  I shower him with kisses when he’s with his friends.  I sing the latest Justin Beiber song really loud in the car.  If he has a … Continue reading

Shortbread with Chocolate DrizzleEasy Shortbread

We were invited to a Barbeque at a friend’s house awhile back and when I asked what we should bring, I was told “just your sparkling personality.”  I’ll be honest, when told to sparkle I tense up, clam up and … Continue reading

Fresh BrushMy kids fight to clean the toilet. Honestly!

Saturday in my house…”Connor you need to empty all the trash cans this weekend.”  “Ok Mom, but I still get to clean the toilets, right?” What?? This is NOT a typical Saturday in your house??  Hmmm. Yes, that really did … Continue reading

Spinach saladEasy Spinach and Orzo Salad with Peppers

I overindulged over the holidays.  It seems however, that my holidays don’t just include Christmas and New Year’s, but also any random day of the week during any random month. My daughter and I went for girl’s night out last … Continue reading

Bell PeppersBell Peppers with Capers – Recipe of the Week

Each New Year’s Eve we pick a theme for our family dinner.  One year it was ‘food on a stick (skewer)’ – we had caprese salad on a stick, fruit kabobs and parmesan chicken fingers on a stick.  This year’s … Continue reading

Tiny Diner PlacematPortable Placemats

I fell in love with two products when my son was a baby – the Tiny Diner Placemat and disposable placemats. Who doesn’t like to go out for dinner?  And how great is the day you can leave the infant … Continue reading

Granola Yogurt ParfaitEasy Granola

Happy You Near! When my daughter was little – (she’s five now and “next year I’m gonna be a grown-up Mommy”) – she called it You Near and You Nork.  Sometimes it’s too stinkin’ cute to correct. I overindulged during … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Recipe of the Week – Sort-of-Lasagna with Wheels

I like dishes that I can sneak in some veggies, so dishes like this are perfect.  I chop up the vegetables nice and small so that they just blend in with the sauce.  Easy vegetables to add are bell peppers, … Continue reading

Beef with Snow Peas and CarrotsQuick and Easy Beef with Snow Peas and Carrots

This recipe does NOT call for a crock pot <wink>. Recently my cousin and her family came to visit for the weekend.  This was stressful for two reasons – first, she has a 15 year old football player and I … Continue reading

Child Giving a Teacher's AppleGift ideas for the Teacher from the Teachers themselves

Every year I struggle to come up with a gift for the teacher.  This year instead of guessing, I decided to go right to the source.  I know several teachers and decided to ask them what some of their favorite … Continue reading

Chicken Tortellini SoupQuick and Easy Chicken Tortellini Soup – A Crowd Pleaser (Really!)

First – I promise that all of my recipes will not require a crock pot.  Right now though, ’tis the season with not enough hours in the day so I use it a lot. Each year on Halloween evening before … Continue reading

French Dip in a crock pot for dinnerFrench Dip – This Week’s Quick And Easy Dinner

We all have that one crazy-busy day during the week that dinner is the last thing on our mind.  Tuesday is that day for me – driving the kids to and from school and then to and from activities that … Continue reading

Mitten ClipsMitten clips…not just for mittens anymore.

During the holidays a few years back I planned a day to go Christmas shopping and take along my then one-year-old daughter with me.  I packed snacks and drinks for us and even remembered to bring my daughter’s favorite stuffed … Continue reading

Complete SpiderwebAn Easy Halloween Treat – with a Trick to use all year round.

Isn’t it fun how things you enjoy doing sometimes grab your kids’ attention and they want to do it too?  Unless it’s math…or cleaning…but then I don’t really enjoy doing those things either so I guess that’s a moot point.  … Continue reading