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I am a mom of a spunky 3-year-old little girl and a wife to one hot husband. My daughter is a Pediatric Stroke survivor and has minor cerebral palsy and is classified as a hemiplegic. A lot of my time is spent dealing with the repercussions from her stroke but I also love scrapbooking, reading, spending time with my husband and daughter.

Mother and Daughter10 Things Parents of Special Needs Kids Want You to Know

For this article, I posed the question “What do we, as parents of disabled/special needs kids, want others to know?” on a support group for families, parents, and individuals of kids who have disabilities. The responses were much the same, … Continue reading

Pediatric Stroke Survivor: Meet Lexi

Hi! My name is Lexi! I’m almost 3 years old. When I was a baby, I had a stroke. I hope that you will enjoy reading about me and always remember that KIDS HAVE STROKES TOO! CHASA: Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke … Continue reading

Lexi's Piggy BankLexi’s Piggy Bank: Pediatric Stroke Survivor

As some of you know, I am a mother of a spunky little girl who is a Pediatric Stroke Survivor. We are incredibly blessed that she is even alive and doing so amazing. I will be writing an article or … Continue reading

Finding Good Support: It’s not just for boobs.

Phew! I just surprised myself with that title. But,  seriously ladies, what’s worse than a no-support bra? So let’s get real. Your body, even more specifically, your boobs, need good support, so what are we willing to do to go get it? We … Continue reading

Mother and DaughterThrough My Daughter’s Eyes: Motherhood and Self-Perception

You know those days when everything catches up to you? And you just can’t take anymore? And you are depressed about yourself? And you wonder why and cry and cry and then cry some more? I know we’ve all had … Continue reading

BooksParenting Books 101

For anyone who knows me, it’s no surprise to hear that I’m the biggest book lover. Ever. I love books. I love fiction, organization, self-improvement, parenting, sci-fi, relationships, whatever! When it comes to informational books such as parenting or relationship … Continue reading


I have a confession to make. I make fun of cheerleaders. Not all cheerleaders…just some. I was that sports girl, playing basketball, volleyball, softball, ran some track and I’d say to myself, “I’m going to try out for cheerleading as a … Continue reading

Going Popless: 21 Days to a Healthier Body

I’m a pop lover. It’s delicious to me. Yum, yum, YUM! I’m not a water lover. I only drink water during workouts, or if there is absolutely nothing left to drink. That needs to change. I’ve struggled with my weight for about … Continue reading

Stacked SuitcasesThe Ultimate Packing List For Kids

When you have kid(s), it doesn’t matter how long you are gone on vacation – one day, 3 weeks – you have to pack your whole house. Heck, if you aren’t even going on vacation I feel like you have … Continue reading

Every [Child] is Different

Earlier this week, L received her 3rd round of Botox Treatments on her right side, and so she has been a little weaker due to the recent treatment. I typically put her in her leg/ankle brace so she’ll have a little … Continue reading

Child & BroomThe Lost Value of Work

Recently at my job, I’ve observed and participated in a few interesting conversations regarding work. There are quite a few fellow employees that think work is standing around at the front desk, talking to each other about the woes of … Continue reading

How to Clean Your Washing Machine (DIY)

We all have a washing machine. Or access to one. After time, washing machines build up gunk that doesn’t allow your clothes to be cleaned as well as they should be. And then there can be that funky smell! Not … Continue reading

Child DoctorQuestions to Ask a Potential Pediatrician

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids. I was lucky enough to have, in my opinion, the best pediatrician around! A few months ago, we moved to a new city, and I didn’t know what I was going … Continue reading

Mother Daughter Holding HandsBecoming Your Child’s Advocate

As a mom with a child with a minor disability, I have had to learn how to fight for my daughter, to become her advocate if you will. I think that one of the toughest things about being a mom … Continue reading