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I am the proud wife of an Air Force pilot and stay-at-home mom to three daughters. My days stay busy with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, exercising, and sanity checks (which take up the rest of the time). My handsome husband and beautiful daughters are my joys here on earth!

Craisins, Pecans, Almonds, & OatsHomemade Granola

Here is a delicious, healthy recipe for homemade granola.  The beauty of making your own granola is that you can make it different every time by changing up the fruit and nuts.  It is also cheaper and it yields more … Continue reading

Oranges & Lemons Scent for the HolidaysSimmering Potpourri

The holiday season is here, and with that will be the inevitable arrival of guests.  Whether it is a neighbor dropping off cookies or family descending upon your house-people will be flocking to your home.  What better way to greet … Continue reading

Gift list you keep running all year long.Running Gift List

“What was it that my mom said she wanted for Christmas?” “I don’t have any idea what to get my husband for his birthday.” “My kids need more puzzles but they definitely don’t need any more of…what was it again?” … Continue reading

Couple on a Date Night InDate Night…At Home

How long has it been since I’ve been out on a date with my husband?  Well, let me think for a minute…too long!  Our dates come few and far between depending on grandparents visiting or finding a reliable babysitter.  Also, it seems … Continue reading