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Bugs, Bugs, BugsApril Fools Day Pranks

This list of 9 pranks are great for kids and adults, as well. They don’t take much planning, but are a fun way to celebrate the April Fool(s) in your life. #1  Switch out their hairspray for colored hairspray. #2 … Continue reading

Ballet SlippersSomething’s Magical About the Theatre

Growing up I quickly discovered that I loved the stage.  Whether I was on it or in front of it, it called to my soul.  I would mentally move with every step of a dancer or an actor during a … Continue reading

Santa Mouse PresentA fun tradition called Santa Mouse

One of the best traditions I learned from my ex-husband’s family was one called Santa Mouse.  Each person in the family would have their own small box or bag that was hung on the Christmas tree along with the decorations.  … Continue reading

Child's Paper SnowflakeChristmas Traditions – Those we want to keep and others we don’t!

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, we all have some holiday traditions.  In our family, we have a few favorites and one, in particular, that keeps happening even though we would like it to stop. Involve the Kids in Decorating … Continue reading

Christmas German NutcrackerHoliday Traditions

I sleep with monkeys.  And I’m not talking about my husband and daughter.  I mean stuffed monkeys.  Elephants.  Even Goldilocks (but never the three bears for some reason known only to my toddler).  And, unfortunately, Elmo, who feels like the … Continue reading