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Best Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

There are many options for healthy snacks at work such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, nuts, bars, and jerky. My recommendation is to plan ahead and have several non perishable snacks at your desk and then supplement this supply with bringing in some fruits and vegetables when you can. Continue reading

Office Snack Delivery Review, Who Has the Best Service?

There are several office snack delivery services available for online ordering, but the really important question is: which snack service is the best for my company? After reviewing several snack services we found that Simpalo Snacks is the best healthy … Continue reading

Unique Gift Ideas for Dads who have Everything

Shopping for Dads can be difficult. The best gifts are those that they normally would not think of buying themselves. The idea is to give them something they will remember and that isn’t too expensive. Finding the perfect gift is … Continue reading

Family DentistHow to: Brush Your Child’s Teeth

It has been a long day, it is finally bedtime!  One more task and then sweet sleep.  Brushing teeth.  I have 4 little ones, and this can seem like a daunting chore.  3 easy steps and the nightly fight can … Continue reading

Review Of Insanity Workout DVDs

My sister had been telling me about a workout video for a couple of years that she had been doing and how she was in the best shape of her life.  I thought, “that’s nice, a video, how good could … Continue reading

My Experience With Febrile Seizures

When it comes to raising a child, they sadly, do not come with a manual. Sure, there are plenty of books and websites out there that you can pore over to soak up all of the information that you can, … Continue reading

Child Eating PeasFeeding Solids – 2 Different Girls – 2 Different Experiences

I want to start out by saying that when it comes to starting your baby on solid foods I would first talk to your pediatrician. We choose our pediatrician because their views are in-line with our own and we trust … Continue reading

Home Health Almond Glow Lotion ReviewHome Health Almond Glow Coconut Skin Natural Lotion Review

I used Home Health Almond Glow (R) Coconut Skin Lotion throughout my pregnancy, both on my belly and my breasts. It helped prevent stretch marks and cracked nipples. It was the only oil that I could find that was made of … Continue reading

Acute Immune by Mountain Peak NutritionalsAcute Immune – Mom’s Weapon Against Colds

The bus stop is my favorite place to get good advice. My latest tip was from a friend who suggested I use Acute Immune Formula by Mountain Peak Nutritionals to help me fight my cold. I was skeptical, but figured I … Continue reading

vicks-ultrasonic-humidifierUltrasonic Humidifier Review

We have had the same ultrasonic humidifier for over 10 years and it finally broke. We spent a lot on it (I think around $70), but maybe it was just that we were out of college and everything seemed expensive then. … Continue reading

Finding Good Support: It’s not just for boobs.

Phew! I just surprised myself with that title. But,  seriously ladies, what’s worse than a no-support bra? So let’s get real. Your body, even more specifically, your boobs, need good support, so what are we willing to do to go get it? We … Continue reading

Shopping ListMonthly Menu Planning Keeps My Family And Finances Healthy

Monthly menu planning keeps me motivated in providing healthy meals for my family. Nothing is worse than getting ready to make dinner only to find that I do not have the ingredients. When I plan a monthly menu the ingredients … Continue reading

Woman laying with book over her faceLiving with Adult ADHD, a Recovering Alcoholic, and Why Glenn Beck is My Hero

Eleven years ago my husband told me about a new show he was listening to on AM radio and suggested that I might like it as well.  I was shocked to hear this “sick twisted freak” (a phrase often used … Continue reading

WeehooThe Amazing Weehoo: Product Review

This summer, in my quest of saving money on our monthly gas bill (ouch),  I  wanted to purchase an attachment for my bike that my daughter could enjoy riding around on.  Being six years old and having special needs I … Continue reading

Lacinato KaleKale Salad: Delicious in 5-Minutes

This is the simplest, most delicious kale salad I’ve ever made. Even my husband who is not much of a leafy green type of guy loves this salad. This recipe takes very little time and effort to make, we had … Continue reading

Working Out TogetherFitness Exercise Routine That Strengthens Marriages

Years and years ago my husband bought a box set of DVD’s for the Fox Show 24 with the intention that we would watch it and exercise together. I was already exercising to some of my favorite TV shows and … Continue reading

Hands Lending HelpCancer Help? Form A Cancer Stinks Group

Years ago I was shocked to receive a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. I had just given birth to my third child and emotions were running high for me and my family. I remember how long the months went by as … Continue reading

Going Popless: 21 Days to a Healthier Body

I’m a pop lover. It’s delicious to me. Yum, yum, YUM! I’m not a water lover. I only drink water during workouts, or if there is absolutely nothing left to drink. That needs to change. I’ve struggled with my weight for about … Continue reading

Mom Stretching Before a WorkoutAt Home Workout

Here is an awesome routine to get you started, or to mix up your existing workout plan.  This one can be done at home–no weights or gym required: Warm-up:  -Walk up and down your stairs 5-10 times, let your breathing become heavier … Continue reading

Vomit Preparedness KitHow To Clean Up Vomit Fast and Minimize Odor: The Vomit Preparedness Kit

This may be the grossest topic I’ve ever written about, but a must read if you have a child since it’s inevitable you will have to clean up their vomit a few times before they even get to their 3rd … Continue reading

Common Sense Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

According to recent Gallup polls, around 60% of Americans would like to lose weight and over a quarter of them are actively trying.  For many, this is a stressful and frustrating process – but it doesn’t have to be! Follow … Continue reading

It’s Time For A Perspective Check-Up

What did you think when you looked in the mirror this morning? Did you stand back and take it all in, thinking you’re feeling pretty good today? Or did you lean in close and think, “There’s a blemish, there’s a … Continue reading

How a BUSY MOM stays FIT!!

I know what you are thinking… “She is a fitness instructor so she gets PAID to work out!!!  If I got paid to workout, maybe I would be more fit as well!”  I am here to tell you that, we … Continue reading

Lucy Lotus Power CapriPants that FIT the Exercise!!!

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you walk into a Sports Authority, Nike, or some other fancy workout store????  Well, you are not the only one and I am a fitness instructor and I wear a lot of different pants!  … Continue reading

BreatheMindful Breathing

Laundry. Cook dinner. Bath Time. Work. Mop the floor. Dust. Vacuum.  Workout. Call back friend. Kids to school. Change diaper.  Clean up spill.  Gas up car…. just to name a few of the tasks we as mothers do almost daily. … Continue reading

Tie a string around your finger so you never forget part 2The Truth About Mommy Brain, Part 2

If you read the first half of my article, The Truth About Mommy Brain, you’ll know that while there is no scientific evidence that shows women experience memory loss after pregnancy, the crazy life of a mom often leads to … Continue reading

This New Mommas Top Five {Beauty} Faves

As a new momma I quickly discovered that “beautification time” was one of the first things to fall off the priority list. I am learning how to streamline my morning routine so I decided to share the things I simply … Continue reading

Tie a string around your finger so you never forgetThe Truth About Mommy Brain

On my way to give a presentation for a local company, I said a quick goodbye to my son and our favorite babysitter, took a last look in the mirror at my six-month pregnant self, and ran out the door. … Continue reading

Child DoctorQuestions to Ask a Potential Pediatrician

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids. I was lucky enough to have, in my opinion, the best pediatrician around! A few months ago, we moved to a new city, and I didn’t know what I was going … Continue reading

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-boundNew Years Resolutions – are we keeping them or setting ourselves up for disappointment?

According to the dictionary, a resolution is the act of resolving or determining upon an action or a course of action.  This is the time of year that we reflect on ways that we can improve ourselves or our quality … Continue reading

Child Eating PeasFeeding my picky eating toddler

There was a time when my son was eating peas and avocado and asked for more. That time has long gone. Somehow around 2 he turned against the color green and would not touch any vegetable…or meat, or eggs, or … Continue reading

By Meral Akbulut @ Stock.Xchng 1121388Cholesterol Screening in Young Children

The next time you take your child in to the doctor’s for a physical, don’t be surprised if the doctor suggests your child have her cholesterol screened.  Recently, new guidelines created by the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute … Continue reading

Simple Tips for Eating Healthy this Holiday Season

The holidays are filled with family gatherings and holiday parties that can lead to overeating foods packed with cholesterol, fat and sugar.  For people who are watching their cholesterol, blood sugar or weight, this can be a difficult time. The … Continue reading

How We Became Glover Gluten Fighters

The first time I heard the word “Celiac,” I was sitting in a crowded theater filled with preteen angst.  We were a group of young moms pretending we weren’t as excited as we were to see Twilight on it’s opening … Continue reading

lipsNever ending chapped lips

I have had dry chapped lips for most of my life, but after my third child was born and a very stressful move, my lips were completely peeling three times a day. The surrounding area was also irritated making me … Continue reading

Mercury ThermometerControlling your child’s fever

All parents have experienced the scenario of having a child with a fever that seems to linger on and on. My kids can have a high fever for over three days. But even though they are sick they do not … Continue reading

Running ShoesWhen it comes to running shoes is the extra money worth it?

I am one of those crazy people that truly enjoy running. I love almost everything about it. I love the feeling of pushing my body to its limit, the burn after a hard run, and most of all being able … Continue reading