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Home Health Almond Glow Lotion ReviewHome Health Almond Glow Coconut Skin Natural Lotion Review

I used Home Health Almond Glow (R) Coconut Skin Lotion throughout my pregnancy, both on my belly and my breasts. It helped prevent stretch marks and cracked nipples. It was the only oil that I could find that was made of … Continue reading

This New Mommas Top Five {Beauty} Faves

As a new momma I quickly discovered that “beautification time” was one of the first things to fall off the priority list. I am learning how to streamline my morning routine so I decided to share the things I simply … Continue reading

lipsNever ending chapped lips

I have had dry chapped lips for most of my life, but after my third child was born and a very stressful move, my lips were completely peeling three times a day. The surrounding area was also irritated making me … Continue reading