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Best Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

There are many options for healthy snacks at work such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, nuts, bars, and jerky. My recommendation is to plan ahead and have several non perishable snacks at your desk and then supplement this supply with bringing in some fruits and vegetables when you can. Continue reading

Office Snack Delivery Review, Who Has the Best Service?

There are several office snack delivery services available for online ordering, but the really important question is: which snack service is the best for my company? After reviewing several snack services we found that Simpalo Snacks is the best healthy … Continue reading

Unique Gift Ideas for Dads who have Everything

Shopping for Dads can be difficult. The best gifts are those that they normally would not think of buying themselves. The idea is to give them something they will remember and that isn’t too expensive. Finding the perfect gift is … Continue reading

Shopping ListMonthly Menu Planning Keeps My Family And Finances Healthy

Monthly menu planning keeps me motivated in providing healthy meals for my family. Nothing is worse than getting ready to make dinner only to find that I do not have the ingredients. When I plan a monthly menu the ingredients … Continue reading

Child Eating PeasFeeding my picky eating toddler

There was a time when my son was eating peas and avocado and asked for more. That time has long gone. Somehow around 2 he turned against the color green and would not touch any vegetable…or meat, or eggs, or … Continue reading

By Meral Akbulut @ Stock.Xchng 1121388Cholesterol Screening in Young Children

The next time you take your child in to the doctor’s for a physical, don’t be surprised if the doctor suggests your child have her cholesterol screened.  Recently, new guidelines created by the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute … Continue reading

Simple Tips for Eating Healthy this Holiday Season

The holidays are filled with family gatherings and holiday parties that can lead to overeating foods packed with cholesterol, fat and sugar.  For people who are watching their cholesterol, blood sugar or weight, this can be a difficult time. The … Continue reading