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The Job Search: Tips, Tricks, and Hints

Searching for a job can end up being a full time job in itself. You are putting in the leg work but getting no where. With our current economy and unemployment rates I thought that an article with some information … Continue reading

Homemade Quilts For Under $5.00

I love quilting!  It is my favorite gift for a new mom; something that feels good to give.  A gift that won’t quickly be out grown, perhaps even a keep sake.   The only thing I don’t like about quilting – … Continue reading

DIY Decorative Material Lined Baskets: Made Out of an Empty Cardboard Box!

Organizing with nice sturdy baskets that have fabric liners are my favorite way to keep rooms in my home neat and tidy.  Personally, I prefer them over plastic bins because of their more desirable aesthetics and the ability to coordinate them with … Continue reading

Best Money Savings AppsMy New Favorite Money Saving Apps

If you are a smart phone user here’s yet another great way to benefit from it.  It can save you money, and its easy.  I have two apps on my phone that I use everytime I go retail shopping. The … Continue reading

Handsome disabled boy in wheelchair opening doorHow Obamacare Or The Affordable Healthcare Act Will Effect Children With Special Needs

As we conclude yet another presidential election cycle (and not a day too soon), questions regarding Obamacare are now forefront in my mind.  What consequences will fall upon the least of them among us with the full implementation of Obamacare; … Continue reading

social-security-cardWill Social Security Run Out Before I Retire?

Many misunderstand the details of social security. A lot of young people do not expect social security to be around when they retire. Most of the uncertainty and fear about social security comes from not understanding the history or the … Continue reading

Shopping ListMonthly Menu Planning Keeps My Family And Finances Healthy

Monthly menu planning keeps me motivated in providing healthy meals for my family. Nothing is worse than getting ready to make dinner only to find that I do not have the ingredients. When I plan a monthly menu the ingredients … Continue reading

Teaching a Toddler to Save Money

My son is about to turn 4 and by now he knows all about getting presents at birthday parties. I can’t help the uneasiness that came over me thinking about all the toys he has collected over the past few … Continue reading

Baby Eating ChairEating Out With Kids

If you are like me, you probably read the title of this article and thought ‘nightmare waiting to happen’. I have seen both sides of this coin. I have 4 kids and I wait tables. I have seen children that … Continue reading

Menu Planning Made Easy

When we were first married, my husband and I would try to be the first to ask the dreaded question at the end of each day, what’s for dinner? We never had a plan, and it took us forever to … Continue reading

Kids Looking Out WindowFun, Free Ways to Entertain Your Kids on a Cold Day

Whether it’s raining, snowing, freezing, or sweltering hot outside these easy activities will keep your little ones free from the dreaded whining phrase we all know, ” Mommy I’m bored.” As a mom to five children under the age of eight, … Continue reading

MoneyReuse and Save $150!

Be organized. Be creative. Be good to our environment. Here are 10 simple money saving ideas worth trying ($150 worth) 1. Pantry Organizer: $3-18 vs. Empty Salad Mix Container: Free It’s never easy to keep the pantry organized with empty … Continue reading

Last Will & TestamentA Widow’s Advice

As a new widow, I get looks from people who seem like they really want to ask me questions about my experience, but they don’t quite know how to do it.  I mean really, what would they say?  So I … Continue reading

Couple on a Date Night InDate Night…At Home

How long has it been since I’ve been out on a date with my husband?  Well, let me think for a minute…too long!  Our dates come few and far between depending on grandparents visiting or finding a reliable babysitter.  Also, it seems … Continue reading

Paying Interest on your Home LoanMotivation to pay off your Mortgage Faster

I want to own my home free and clear, but it is hard to make the extra payments come bill time.  Sure I know that if I pay a couple hundred extra dollars now it will save me thousands of dollars later, but that … Continue reading

Marriott RewardsGet A Little Back With Marriott Rewards

When I purchase a product from a store a small amount of my purchase price goes to the credit card company I am using. I want some of that money back and the only way to do that is to … Continue reading