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Unique Gift Ideas for Dads who have Everything

Shopping for Dads can be difficult. The best gifts are those that they normally would not think of buying themselves. The idea is to give them something they will remember and that isn’t too expensive. Finding the perfect gift is … Continue reading

Phil & Ted Double Stroller ReviewReview Of The Phil & Ted Double Stroller

When we learned of the arrival of our 4th and final child only 13 months after our third son, the quest to find the perfect double stroller began.  A few “must have” requirements were; light and easy to fold, minimal … Continue reading

Best Money Savings AppsMy New Favorite Money Saving Apps

If you are a smart phone user here’s yet another great way to benefit from it.  It can save you money, and its easy.  I have two apps on my phone that I use everytime I go retail shopping. The … Continue reading

How To Make A Pet Bed

My friend Marty was chatting with me on facebook awhile back, and she was very excited to let me know about a craft that she tried.  She stuffed an old duvet cover with used plastic shopping bags, tied it off … Continue reading

Gone GirlBook Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Over the summer I took a quick, unexpected trip by myself.  I was on an airplane for TWO uninterrupted, glorious hours on each flight.  This was my opportunity to immerse myself in a pull-you-in-don’t-want-to-put-it-down book.  So I did my research … Continue reading

Shopping ListMonthly Menu Planning Keeps My Family And Finances Healthy

Monthly menu planning keeps me motivated in providing healthy meals for my family. Nothing is worse than getting ready to make dinner only to find that I do not have the ingredients. When I plan a monthly menu the ingredients … Continue reading

WeehooThe Amazing Weehoo: Product Review

This summer, in my quest of saving money on our monthly gas bill (ouch),  I  wanted to purchase an attachment for my bike that my daughter could enjoy riding around on.  Being six years old and having special needs I … Continue reading

Whirlpool Cabrio HEReview For Whirlpool Cabrio Washer and Dryer

Laundry is a huge chore when you have a large family. My sister bought a set of Whirlpool Cabrio’s with extra capacity. Unfortunately for her she had to move to a rental that already had a washer and dryer so … Continue reading

iPad2Review of iPad: A Frugal Mom’s Perspective

I’ve owned the Apple iPad2 for a year now and cannot imagine giving it up. How does a frugal mom come to purchase the iPad? She doesn’t, her husband wins one from his company’s healthy living incentives program. She hesitantly … Continue reading

Getting Your Newborn To Sleep At Night…..

I’ve never claimed to be a parenting expert; I just read a lot of books that have taught me the importance of schedules, routines and sleep. Sleep is so important, especially in the first year of life, because the human … Continue reading

Toy Story Digital BookDisney Books For iPad Review

Disney’s Toy Story and Cars 2 come to life with the digital books for the iPad. There are many features that enhance the reading experience, including, music, narration (if you want it), small games, puzzles, moving parts, and coloring. All … Continue reading

The Wind Through The Key HoleThe Wind Through the Key Hole by Stephen King-Book Review

When I saw that Stephen King had a new book out I was ready to be first in line to read it, then I saw that it was another Dark Tower book and then I knew that I had to … Continue reading

Activities:For Any Age, Boy or Girl, Everyday On-The-Go

I have two very active kids.  It seems we’re always watching one activity or another, which is often times fun for the parents, but not always fun for the other siblings.  If I know there’s a soccer game or a … Continue reading

Kindle TouchKindleTouch: Review -To Kindle or Not to Kindle…That is the Question!

I love everything that a book has to offer.  I love the story and the places a book can take you.  I love the weight of a book in my hand.  I love the feel of the paper.  I even … Continue reading

How To Make Espresso at Home

I admit it. I am a self professed coffee addict. Espresso flows in these veins. My boys will tell you, “Momma is not happy until she gets her coffee”. They have even been known to bribe me by saying, “ … Continue reading

NewbornMy Newborn Must Haves

As a mother of four children under age 8 I have learned that the makers of baby products want you to believe that all ‘cute things that you cannot resist for your first baby’ are necessities. With my first child, … Continue reading

IntelliGender: Product Review

IntelliGender is an at-home urine based gender prediction test. They claim a 90% accuracy rate as early as 10 weeks gestation when the directions are followed strictly. We only discovered IntelliGender with our last two pregnancies, so my review is based … Continue reading

Creating a busy box for your child: Part 1-What to put in it?

Do your kids go crazy in the waiting room of the doctor’s office? Do they freak out if they have to spend more than 10 seconds in the shopping cart at Target? Do you dread taking them to restaurants? If … Continue reading

Lucy Lotus Power CapriPants that FIT the Exercise!!!

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you walk into a Sports Authority, Nike, or some other fancy workout store????  Well, you are not the only one and I am a fitness instructor and I wear a lot of different pants!  … Continue reading

This New Mommas Top Five {Beauty} Faves

As a new momma I quickly discovered that “beautification time” was one of the first things to fall off the priority list. I am learning how to streamline my morning routine so I decided to share the things I simply … Continue reading

Fresh BrushMy kids fight to clean the toilet. Honestly!

Saturday in my house…”Connor you need to empty all the trash cans this weekend.”  “Ok Mom, but I still get to clean the toilets, right?” What?? This is NOT a typical Saturday in your house??  Hmmm. Yes, that really did … Continue reading

Tiny Diner PlacematPortable Placemats

I fell in love with two products when my son was a baby – the Tiny Diner Placemat and disposable placemats. Who doesn’t like to go out for dinner?  And how great is the day you can leave the infant … Continue reading

Christmas Flannel PJ'sSurprising Favorite Gifts – Not All About the $$$

For the last couple of years we seem to struggle with money during the Christmas season.  I know that some things we can change about this and some we have no control over.  I have two teenagers and as we … Continue reading

Child Giving a Teacher's AppleGift ideas for the Teacher from the Teachers themselves

Every year I struggle to come up with a gift for the teacher.  This year instead of guessing, I decided to go right to the source.  I know several teachers and decided to ask them what some of their favorite … Continue reading

Gift list you keep running all year long.Running Gift List

“What was it that my mom said she wanted for Christmas?” “I don’t have any idea what to get my husband for his birthday.” “My kids need more puzzles but they definitely don’t need any more of…what was it again?” … Continue reading

Mitten ClipsMitten clips…not just for mittens anymore.

During the holidays a few years back I planned a day to go Christmas shopping and take along my then one-year-old daughter with me.  I packed snacks and drinks for us and even remembered to bring my daughter’s favorite stuffed … Continue reading

Philips Wake Up LightWaking up with Light

“BEEP….BEEP….BEEP” sounded the dreaded alarm clock. My body jolts to wake and I feel miserable. This is how I used to wake up, but now I slowly wake up as I sense the light turning on. My mind seems to … Continue reading

Running ShoesWhen it comes to running shoes is the extra money worth it?

I am one of those crazy people that truly enjoy running. I love almost everything about it. I love the feeling of pushing my body to its limit, the burn after a hard run, and most of all being able … Continue reading