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Online Computer Games For KidsWhy Your Kids Should Get Into The Online Games Scene For Fun And Entertainment

Every day there are new toys which are released onto the market. It is thus becoming increasingly difficult to determine which products are going to best keep our child’s interest and provide them with a great level of fun. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

Best Money Savings AppsMy New Favorite Money Saving Apps

If you are a smart phone user here’s yet another great way to benefit from it.  It can save you money, and its easy.  I have two apps on my phone that I use everytime I go retail shopping. The … Continue reading

iPad2Review of iPad: A Frugal Mom’s Perspective

I’ve owned the Apple iPad2 for a year now and cannot imagine giving it up. How does a frugal mom come to purchase the iPad? She doesn’t, her husband wins one from his company’s healthy living incentives program. She hesitantly … Continue reading

Kindle TouchKindleTouch: Review -To Kindle or Not to Kindle…That is the Question!

I love everything that a book has to offer.  I love the story and the places a book can take you.  I love the weight of a book in my hand.  I love the feel of the paper.  I even … Continue reading

Girl Watching TVTV Timer For Kids And Moms

“I’m on the phone”…. Those four simple words can start World War 3 with my toddler. He uses this opportunity to scream, yell, whine, until I do what he would like, and usually that involves the television. Holding my ground … Continue reading

Spyware: What It Is and What You Can Do About It

True story: every time I hear the word “spyware” I think of the little pointy-nosed characters in the “Spy vs. Spy” comics. It makes me chuckle – but the truth is that spyware is a real threat that can compromise … Continue reading

Hand on Computer MouseA Few Tips Before Clicking On An Email Link

Amazon has become one of my favorite ways to shop. I seem to get a fair price with great shipping and I didn’t even have to leave my house. This Christmas I did some last minute shopping at Amazon, and … Continue reading

Pinterest BoardsPinterest- is it worth it or just a time suck?

The latest buzz in the social networking world is Pinterest. I’d seen the posts and forums spouting endless chatter about this new site where you can “pin” things. With the already time sucking lures of Facebook and Twitter, did I … Continue reading