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  • Product: Insanity Fitness Workout Program
  • Date Purchased: 21-12-2012
  • Purchase Price: $120
  • Place Of Purchase: Beach Body
  • My Rating: 9/10
  • Would I Purchase This Product Again: Yes

Insanity Workout ReviewMy sister had been telling me about a workout video for a couple of years that she had been doing and how she was in the best shape of her life.  I thought, “that’s nice, a video, how good could that really be.”  Then I saw her and was blown away at how great she looked; thinner than I have ever seen her in her life.  Definition in her arms that was never there before.  I was sold, someday when I have time, I would check that out.

Little did I know someday hit me right about Christmas time.   My body decided that turning 40 meant I needed to gain 10 pounds and changing my eating habits wasn’t cutting it alone,  so the Insanity DVD sounded like something I needed to try, sooner than later. The day after Christmas I started the challenge with Shawn T, the fitness instructor that leads you through each of the DVD’s. ( More like kicks your butt through the screen.) It was the best workout decision I have made in a very long time.

The first two weeks I thought I was going to die.  It took every part of me to finish it each morning, but well worth my time as it started my day with awesome amounts energy! No more feelings of needing an afternoon nap.   I did actually gain two pounds the first week because I had to increase my calorie intake to have the energy to complete the workout each day.   I admit I was not really making sure that my eating choices were the best ones.  This was a little disappointing to realize the days of eating what I want and just working it off were over.  Discipline was in order!!!

I went back to eating the “Body for Life” regiment after a week of trying to just lower my calories and starve.  With Body for Life, you don’t count calories, instead you make sure you get a balance of both carbs and protein.  You of course need to be smart about what you eat, but you’re not hungry having 6 meals a day.  Plus Sundays (your day off) you can eat what you want.  Awesome!

Six weeks in, I was feeling incredible.  My energy level was off the charts, I felt stronger INCHES were melting off my thighs and waste.  At this point I was at 1” off each thigh, and a 1 ½” off my waist.  But not a pound lost (well the two pounds gained at first were gone).  Yes, I was disappointed that scale was not showing me the numbers I was seeing elsewhere so I kept going.  By the end of week 7 (only two weeks to go) I went to the Doctor for my annual well check up and wow was she impressed.  My lungs and blood pressure were perfect!  My heart sounded great.  She said, “You are so healthy, great job, whatever you’re doing keep it up.”

Yeah the important part was good, but why, with such great results am I not losing weight???  Thank goodness she didn’t give me the generic obnoxious tag line “But you’re gaining muscle.”  Yah, got tired of hearing that one!!!  Instead, she suggested we check my blood for hormone levels and make sure there is not something going on there.  There is….but that is a different article for another time.  Back to Insanity.

Last Saturday was my final workout for the full 9 week series, and worth every bead of sweat and moments of utter exhaustion.  Final measurements:   2” off each thigh, 2 ¾” off my waist.  I reached and exceeded my measurement goals.  My husband is thrilled to see my pre-baby body back and so am I.    Now I have started over at the beginning of the DVD’s and what a difference it is to go back to the “easier” earlier videos and actually be able to almost keep up.  I am addicted now.  It is a great series of workouts that don’t get boring.  You’re only doing the same video once, sometimes twice in one week, so lots of variety.  Plus with the deluxe addition there are additional bonus DVD’s that you can mix in, in the last month.  The one thing I will do differently this time is the recovery week (week 5) you do the same workout every day, this does get boring.  I will do the upper body weightlifting workout every other day instead.   All in all I highly recommend this workout for anyone who is serious about getting healthy and in shape.  There are some restrictions for those with knee or ankle injuries, because you do a lot of jumping.  But you can adjust the movements until you can handle them, while still receiving a great workout.  “Dig Deeper, come on ya’ll.  Lets goooo.” Shawn T, Insanity.

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Rating: 6/10
Web MD recommends this workout for people who are already fit and want to increase stamina and lose a little more. People that are extremely unfit should not start here.
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