Review Of The Phil & Ted Double Stroller

Phil & Ted Double Stroller Review
  • Product: Phil And Ted Double Stroller
  • Date Purchased: 02-05-2005
  • Purchase Price: $479
  • Place Of Purchase: Can't Remember
  • My Rating: 10/10
  • Would I Purchase This Product Again: Yes

When we learned of the arrival of our 4th and final child only 13 months after our third son, the quest to find the perfect double stroller began.  A few “must have” requirements were; light and easy to fold, minimal space used when folded down, narrow when opened for easy maneuvering. The Phil and Ted stroller was all of that and more.

This stroller may not be as light as an umbrella stroller but it certainly opens and folds as easy as one.  With two small children so close in age (20 months) I needed a stroller that would be fast and simple to use and stow away.  I can set it up quickly and have both little ones in and buckled in no time.  Plus it takes up less space (at least half) than other double strollers out there.

A unique feature is that the capacity of each seat expands for necessity with both children.  One seat that lays nearly flat for and infant while giving your toddler the ability to sit up and see the sights.  Then as your infant grows and is ready to join the sibling in seeing the world around them the seats adjust and move to give you a stack-able look that continues to be narrow enough to maneuver sharp corners with ease.  Think of a great jogging stroller with room for two that doesn’t take up the entire sidewalk.

We needed a stroller that was built to last, one we knew would be used often for the next 6+ years.  Our youngest child, a daughter, was born with Down syndrome.  So we knew a stroller was going to be an investment for her, the Phil and Ted stroller has lived up to the challenge.  It has been a sturdy roadster from day one and even now 7 years later it is still going strong.

It has been well worth the price at around $479.00 that we payed.  High quality stitching and craftsmanship has placed this stroller on my must have items for families with two small children.

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