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Christmas Gingerbread CookiesThe BEST Gingerbread Cookies Ever!

This is a holiday favorite because it’s delicious and fun to make. Kids as young as age 2 can help with basic tasks.  We make gingerbread monthly with our friends.  It’s a huge hit and a great learning experience for … Continue reading

Common Sense Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

According to recent Gallup polls, around 60% of Americans would like to lose weight and over a quarter of them are actively trying.  For many, this is a stressful and frustrating process – but it doesn’t have to be! Follow … Continue reading

By Meral Akbulut @ Stock.Xchng 1121388Cholesterol Screening in Young Children

The next time you take your child in to the doctor’s for a physical, don’t be surprised if the doctor suggests your child have her cholesterol screened.  Recently, new guidelines created by the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute … Continue reading

Simple Tips for Eating Healthy this Holiday Season

The holidays are filled with family gatherings and holiday parties that can lead to overeating foods packed with cholesterol, fat and sugar.  For people who are watching their cholesterol, blood sugar or weight, this can be a difficult time. The … Continue reading

How We Became Glover Gluten Fighters

The first time I heard the word “Celiac,” I was sitting in a crowded theater filled with preteen angst.  We were a group of young moms pretending we weren’t as excited as we were to see Twilight on it’s opening … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Whole WheatTricks to make your favorite treat healthier and still taste yummy

I love, love, love treats and love big portion sizes too.  Because of my “addiction” I have attempted many times to make my treats healthier.  Fortunately, I have figured out how to decrease the bad without sacrificing the good.  Why … Continue reading

Wholesome BreadBaking with wheat and loving it!

I used to be a junk food/white flour addict.  I didn’t quite understand the rave about whole grains and whole wheat food.  And I definitely wondered about those people that preferred whole wheat over white floured products.  They must have … Continue reading